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I’m working on my Doctorate and this is my class project. Thanks for being a part!



Paul Wright is the creator of this website. I began my radio career at KVOJ radio, the “Voice Of Jesus” radio in the 80’s. Since then I have always been involved in radio.  There is no short story that can cover all those years till now, what I can highlight is, my education. Liberty University accounts for my first two years, later I studied Apologetics from Southern Evangelical Seminary . After earning a bachelors degree in theology I wanted to know more,  so I earned my Masters. This site is a class project for my Doctorate degree in Biblical Exposition. For those who are not familiar with that concentration, it  just means explaining scripture. Thanks for being a part.  

Professional Diplomas-Engineering

Broadcast Engineering Cleveland Institute of Electronics 2014-2016

Electronics Technician Penn Foster College 2020-2021

Professional Diplomas-Computer

Internet Specialist Stratford Career Institute 2013-2014

Web Designer IAP Career College 2020-2021

PC Repair Stratford Career Institute 2020-2021

Computer Essentials US Career Institute 2020-2021

Computer Programming in C Stratford Career Institute 2023-2024

Professional Certficates-Computer

Windows 10 Troubleshooting Udemy 2020

Avanced Windows 10 Troubleshooting Udemy 2020

Computer Networking - Local Area Networks and the OSI Model Alison 2020

Computer Networking - Wired and Wireless Networks Protocols Alison 2020

CompTIA Cloud - Basics Alison 2020

Podcasting Alison 2014